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About Us

At Puppies Life, we put our love for pets into all that we do.

Our Story


Welcome to our dog daycare. We offer care and love to our clients with a safe and fun environment. Let us take care of your best friend 🐶 🏠​

Founded in 2023, our company was born with the goal of offering exceptional boarding and pet care services, providing love and attention to puppies while their owners are traveling or away from home.


At Puppies Life, our team of trained and animal-loving caregivers is dedicated to ensuring that every dog feels at home in a safe and loving environment. We offer a full range of services, including boarding, doggy daycare, dog walking, and pickup and drop-off services.


Our inspiration to start this business comes from a touching experience. We have always had a great love for dogs and have over 7 years of experience caring for pets. One day, we rescued a puppy named Toby who was in danger in the middle of an avenue.


He not only inspired us to move forward with this business, but he also showed us the importance of providing love and care to those who need it most. Now, Toby is a happy dog with a safe home where we provide him with love and care. Although he was left with an injured paw from a vehicle while he was on the street, that doesn't stop him from running in the park with such energy and excitement that the other dogs follow him, and he is friends with all the dogs that come to our daycare. In short, he needed us, and we needed him. Now he is part of our family and has brought us luck in our dog business, which we hope continues to grow.


This experience reaffirmed the importance of providing a safe and loving home to dogs in need, and thus Puppies Life was born.


We are deeply grateful to God and life for allowing us to do work that we enjoy, and we also give thanks for finding Toby, who not only inspired us to move forward with this project but also taught us the value of caring for and protecting animals.


Our goal is to continue growing and offer an even larger and more welcoming space for our clients' pets, always maintaining our commitment to providing exceptional care in a warm and safe environment.


Care & Love:

The love and attention we give to our pets is second to none! In our day care, we are always at your disposal to ensure that your little friends are happy and comfortable.


Safety First:

Safety is our number one priority. Thanks to our real-time monitoring system with AirTag, you will always know where your pet is.

Walks & exercise:

Our daily activity program keeps your pets active and happy. There's nothing better than watching them enjoy fun games and routines!

We offer a personalized treatment to each of your pets. We make sure they receive attention and love 24 hours a day.

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Meet Team Puppies Life!



"Ana, an animal lover, is a dedicated and caring caregiver"



"With Eder, your pet will be in reliable hands and receive care"

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